Prototype optimises for next test

The prototype, Tordenskiold, is at this moment well on the way to optimisation, after the first tests on the ocean North West of the Hirsholm islands, just outside Frederikshavn. The completed test phase was a success, with good results. Our anchoring has held in all types of weather and we have documented that the equipment produces energy, which was our prediction.

The equipment is 90% functional. We are working on the remaining 10%, which has not functioned optimally, before the equipment will be tested on the ocean again in November this year.

Crestwings technology is special

Crestwing has solved the biggest challenges of wave energy - the high costs producing the plants, the low power generation and the challenges of accidents. Crestwing is in no way similar to other wave energy plants and utilizes the energy of the waves in a unique way, as the plant mainly utilizes atmospheric pressure for the production of energy.


It is easy to carry out service and

maintenance on Crestwing, as you board the plant as a ship.

Power Take Off

The Power Take Off system is mechanical and converts about 90 percent of the absorbed energy into electricity.


Crestwing has developed a unique anchoring system, that minimizes environmental impact on the ocean and the seabed.

Development phases

The basic idea behind the development of Crestwing, has been to develop a wave energy plant that:

Is stable and safe on the sea.

Utilizes a high percentage of the incoming energy from the waves.

Efficiently transforms the absorbed energy into production of electricity.

Consider maintenance and service.


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