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Ruth Bloom // Direktør

Tel.: (+45) 24 98 80 56

Mail: rb@crestwing.dk

Ruth has been committed to preserve the environment and promote renewable energy since she in the beginning of 1980, became aware of the giant consumption of resources. She has the educations of blacksmith, teacher, 3D constructer and bookkeeper. She has participated in all parts of the process regarding the realization of Crestwing.  When her husband and inventor of the Crestwing concept, Henning Pilgaard, passed away, she took over the management of Crestwing.

Board of Directors

Peter Høstgaard-Jensen //

Director of the Board

Peter Høstgaard-Jensen is a Chemistry Engineer and has been managing director of I/S Nordkraft, I/S Nordjyllandsværket and Elsam. He is and has been participating in a number of boards in the energy industry.

Jørgen Graver Christensen

Jørgen Graver Christensen is a Mechanical Engineer. He has been production manager at BLADT Industries and has run PEIS Maskin- & Smedeværksted. Jørgen has been part of the production of Crestwings  PTO (Power Take Off) system.

Peter Flyvbjerg Thomsen

Peter Flyvbjerg Thomsen is carpenter. He has owned an independent company and is currently an instructor at EUC Nord in Frederikshavn. He has produced a large model (10 x 2.5 m) of Crestwing.

Rune Pilgaard Bloom

Rune Pilgaard Bloom study physics and computer science at Aarhus University. He has grown up with Crestwing.

Trygve Natvig

Trygve Natvig is co-owner of Crestwing.

He is chairman for various boards in both Norway and Denmark, within hotel, property, media and travel.

Ruth Bloom

Ruth Bloom is the Director of Crestwing, she is a trained blacksmith and teacher. She has participated in the development of Crestwing since the beginning of 2005.


Silovej 8

9900 Frederikshavn


T: (+45) 24 98 80 56

E: crestwing@crestwing.dk

CVR nr: 34624100

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