Wave energy



Crestwing has achieved its design through numerous physical tests in DHI and AAU. The size is determined relative to a particular wave environment. Crestwing is boarded as a ship, which enables maintenance in a dry and roomy engine room. The two pontoons are connected with strong hinges. Ensuring the strength of these hinges poses a task .

Power Take Off

Crestwing has, in cooperation with an experienced machine workshop, developed, built and tested onshore, a scalable PTO with efficiency higher than 90% of the absorbed energy to the power grid. The basic function of the system is this; a push rod moves a tooth rack over a cogwheel where the movement is set from linear to circular and drives a generator. The rotation increases through a speed up gear where a flywheel stabilizes the rotation and smoothes the electricity production. The work to date has resulted in a mechanical PTO that has been perfected on the basis of thorough, well-documented tests.

The pontoons can be made of light or heavy material; this will not change the effeciency.

Electrical connection

The three-point mooring system and the special designed mooring connection solve a good part of the challenge of the electrical connection. The electrical cable will be attached along one anchor line and led up through the anchor connection. The electrical outlet is kept dry in the anchor coupling when it is not connected. Work with components is ongoing with the Danish Partnership of Wave Energy in Denmark.

Mooring system

The risk of wrecking is a main issue in the wave energy sector. Therefore it is an area Crestwing is very focused on. In cooperation with Seaflex, Crestwing has developed a flexible three-point mooring system. This system solves a good part of the mooring challenge such as preventing accidents and minimizing the environmental footprint of the installation on both sea surface and the seabed. The anchor connection to turret allows the WEC to turn 360° and has full automatic connection and disconnection. The flexible mooring lines allow Crestwing to exploit its full energy potential and minimize the pull of sudden forces from the waves.


As the weight of the device has no impact on the efficiency, there is a free choice of materials. In this first stage of development, Crestwing will be built of steel, but in the long term, an organic, reusable composite solution will be better. The calculation of the construction is made in cooperation with an experienced marine engineer company.

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