Wave energy

Wave energy

Wave energy

Crestwing - Oceans of energy

We are a small entrepreneurial company with a great vision; a world without oil and coal.


The world is already on the right path regarding wind turbines and solar power, but not yet with utilizing the enormous energy of the oceans. Crestwing has the potential to change this.


Crestwing is a wave energy converter with a high efficiency, safe on the sea and thoroughly tested.


Crestwing takes advantage of the enormous power from the atmosphere pressure,and thereby ensures an unusually high efficiency and a new and interesting technology groundbreaking in the wave energy sector.

The Crestwing concept was invented by engineer and longtime renewable energy defender Henning Pilgaard in the early 2000’s. The development of the concept has been advancing ever since.

There is a pressure from the atmospheric of 10 ton per m2 everywhere on the surface of the Earth, and using this power for wave energy is the underlying idea behind Crestwing.

The construction consists of two pontoons hinged together which allows them to move in relation to each other. The WEC lies as if glued to the surface of the ocean and is forced to move with the wave.

In principle, the wave is being slowed down by a break between the two pontoons.


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