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Who we are



Ruth has been committed to working to preserve the environment and promote renewable energy since she in the beginning of 1980, became aware of the giant consumption of resources. She has the educations of blacksmith, teacher, 3D constructer and book keeper. She has participated in all parts of the process regarding the realization of Crestwing. When her husband and inventor of the Crestwing concept passed away, she took over the management of Crestwing.


Chairman of the Board


Peter Høstgaard-Jensen

Tlf.: 40108871

Mail: peter@hoestgaaard.dk


Peter has been the Director of Elsam and has been and is in countless boards.


Present board positions:

Aalborg Energie Technik a/s (chairman)

Crestwing ApS (formand)

Forum for Grøn Systemeksport (chairman)

Greentech Energy Systems A/S (chairman)

Biofuels Frederikshavn A/S

Biofuels Vordingborg A/S

Frederikshavn Forsyning A/S

Nordenergie A/S

Norsk Miljøkraft AS

Xergi A/S


Former board positions:

Aalborg Engineering A/S

Aalborg CSP A/S

AgroFerm A/S (formand)

Blue Ocean Ships A/S, nu Swire Blue Ocean (chairman)

Borean Innovation A/S (chairman)

Cemtec Fonden

Elsam Engineering A/S (chairman)

Elsam Kraft A/S (formand)

EnviScan A/S (formand)

Fonden ”Energibyen Frederikshavn” (chairman)


Board members


Peter Thomsen

Tlf.: 40844565

Mail: flyvbjergthomsen@webspeed.dk


Peter is a teacher at EUC Nord and together with carpenter apprentices producedCrestwings 1: 5 model.



Rune Pilgaard Bloom

Tlf.: 53602959

Mail: runepb@hotmail.com


Rune reading physics at Aarhus University and has known Crestwing from childhood.


Jørgen Graver Christensen

Tlf: 93885801

Mail: Graver@stofanet.dk


Jørgen is a mechanical engineer and had his own forge and machine shop for 20 years. He has participated in designing and producing Crestwing PTO


Ruth Bloom

Tlf: 24988056

Mail: rb@crestwing.dk





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Inventor of Crestwing

Henning Pilgaard

19/6-1944 - 08/09-2016

In 1972 Henning Pilgaard finished his education as mechanical engineer and hereafter worked at Odense Steel Shipyard Lindø. Already in his time of study he was interested in renewable energy and after the energy crisis in 1973 he began, in his spare time, to work with a grassroots organization regarding conversion from fossil fuels to renewable energy in the municipality of Kerteminde.


He has since 1982 worked full time promoting the transition to renewable energy, and among other things launched and finished many complex renewable energy projects, including two of the first wind turbine farms in Denmark, the regional energy project "Bornholm a green island", biogas plants, gas-engines based on CHP plants, and finally he has been developing and realizing the WEC Crestwing.


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